Things to do and see


Discover Buzsák, this charming little village and its surroundings!

Buzsák is situated 5 km south of Fonyód, a town on the south shore of Lake Balaton. The population of the village is only 1 300 people; however, it is well equipped with all service facilities: restaurants, post office, doctor and grocery store.

If you are looking for a holiday close to Lake Balaton to use all its programs, facilities, and advantages, but at the same time you would prefer to stay in tranquil environment Nanica Vendegház is the perfect choice for you.

Lake Balaton

Buzsák is 10 min. drive from Lake Balaton, from the town of Fonyód. There is a direct road connecting the village to Csisztapuszta (with its Thermal Spa) and further on you reach Fonyód. Although this road is a dirt road now, you can still easily use it by car and in fact it is going to be asphalted by 2022. Probably the best way to get to the lake is by bike. It takes about 30 minutes, an easy ride and helps you to avoid the possible parking issues and fees on the shore. Fonyód, Balatonboglár and Balatonlelle have fantastic, spacious, free beaches to enjoy with playgrounds, slides etc. for the children.

Lake Balaton provides you with lots of fun all year around. In the summer you can enjoy several water sports, like sailing, wind surfing, sup, sup yoga, paddling boats etc. For a more relaxing option, take a boat across to Badacsony for some wine tasting (Riesling and Pinot Grigio (Szürkebarát) are great options for the white wine lovers). During the summer months between Fonyód and Badacsony you can also use the catamaran boat and speed boat services.

During the winter months, when the weather turns cold, the water freezes over the lake and it becomes a natural ice-skating rink. In case it does not happen, do not worry, there are several artificial ice-skating rinks set up around the lake. For example, in Balatonboglár at the harbour or in Balatonlelle near the Yacht Club. After a few rounds on the ice rink, you can enjoy a lovely, warm mulled wine in the nearby bar.

Hiking, trekking, cycling

There are many hiking trails in and around Buzsák that are suitable for exploring on foot or by bike. Like we mentioned above, Fonyód can be easily reached by bicycle. From Fonyód you can connect to the Balaton bike road that takes you around Lake Balaton. It is a great way to discover the region and the lake. The bike trail goes all the way around the Balaton, and it was re-asphalted not long ago. From Fonyód both towards Balatonboglár and Keszthely it is a flat and easy ride for children too.

The new bicycle road between Fonyód and Somogyvámos, which connects the Krishna Valley with Lake Balaton, will soon be completed.
Buzsák and the Somogy hills are full of wonderful hiking trails, through vineyards and wooded areas. The trails do not require any special physical effort.
We have 2 bicycles available in the Nanica Guesthouse for our guests to use. 2 additional bicycles can be provided upon request.

Wellness and relax

Csisztapuszta Thermal Spa – The thermal water was first discovered in 1956 by geologists who were looking for oil in the nearby areas. The 45 Celsius thermal water is rising from almost 600 meters depth, and it is mineral-rich hydrocarbonate, sulfuric healing water that contains a large amount of carbonic acid. It is used as a healing bath for locomotor, gynaecological and rheumatic problems, and beneficial for gastroenteritis. The spa is open from April to end of October. Csisztapuszta Spa is 3 km from Buzsák, that you can reach also by walking.

Marcali City Bath and Leisure Center – Perfect for all ages, with its 6 outdoor and 5 indoor swimming pools. In addition, sport enthusiasts will like this lively place as they have beach handball, soccer and volleyball pitches, tennis courts, basketball, and a big playground for the children. It is open all year around, but during September-May only the swimming pools are in operation. Marcali is about 20 min. drive from Buzsák.

Farmers’ Markets

The markets are extremely popular also amongst the local people. The oldest, most traditional, and popular one is in Fonyód. You can enjoy it all year around every Saturday morning. You can buy vegetables, meat and dairy products, flowers all from local producers. Do not miss out on tasting one or both famous and delicious Hungarian street food the „lángos” and „Kürtöskalács”.

There is another Farmers’ market in Balatonfenyves called the Két Kakas Gasztro Piac – that is open every Sunday morning.

Festivals and Concerts

During the summer, but also throughout the year, Fonyód, Balatonboglár and Balatonlelle have several festivals and programs to choose from. Starting in February with the Sausage Festival (Kolbász Fesztivál) in Fonyód that organises a competition of the most delicious sausage. While you are tasting them, you can also enjoy several great concerts. During the summer, in Balatonboglár the two main events are the Balaton Swim-across competition in July and the famous Harvest Festival that is held around the 20th of August.
The first week of August is the period for the famous „Bornapok” in Balatonlelle. For a whole week you can listen to concerts and watch folk programs while you are tasting local wines near the shore of the lake. Every summer the famous National Circus relocates to Balatonlelle – bringing award winning performances from the Ritter family, famous acrobats, funny clowns, tigers, elephants, horses etc…

As for Buszák, the main events are the Buzsáki Búcsú held around the 15th of August, a folk event with fun marry-go-arounds for children and the harvest festival in September.

Somogyvámos – Medieval church and Krisna Valley

Pusztatemplom is also referred to as Wilderness Tower. The church ruin, which is at least 800 years old, is located just the outskirt of Somogyvámos, a village 15 min. drive from Buzsák. Once upon a time there was a settlement around the church called Csopak, which has the same name as a town on the north shore of the Lake Balaton. This little settlement was depopulated during the Turkish wars and only the ruin of the church remained. According to records, Csopak was the property of the St. Martin’s Hill Abbey in Pannonhalma in 1237.

Krishna Valley is the largest and most organised eco-community in Hungary and even in Central Europe. On 266 acres of former sheep pasture, the diverse wildlife is home to many species. There are more than 950 species of trees and bushes in the botanical garden of the Krishna Valley. It’s a great place to spend a day for the whole family. Look out for the Krishna Búcsú in July.

Fonyód – Várhegyi kilátó

The lookout tower was built on the remains of an Árpádian earth castle on the 231 m high peak of Castle Hill. The tower is a 4-storey wooden structure with a 48 m high antenna support mast at the top.

From the fourth floor, which is at 14 m height, you can see the whole western and central basin of Lake Balaton on a sunny day. Great place to admire the sunset after a day on the beach.

Balatonboglár – Gömbkilátó és Kalandpark

The Gömbkilátó is a lookout point that is shaped as a sphere. Stands on the top of the volcanic Castle Hill (Várdomb) at an altitude of 165 meters. It was renovated in 2012 and was given decorative lighting that can be seen even from the north shore. You will see a beautiful panorama of Lake Balaton! It was one of my favourite places with my sister when we were kids. We had lots of fun during the winter sledding down the hills. It was and still is, a perfect romantic rendez-vous spot to watch the sunset. In 2020, it also won the title of “Lookout point of the Year”!
Next to and around the Gömbkilátó, you will find a great little Adventure Park with a bobsleigh and other fun things. Is a great place for both children and adults.

Blue and Red Chapel

The two chapels are the emblematic buildings of Balatonboglár, and since a long time the buildings became the churches of fine arts. During the summer you can visit lovely exhibitions. The two chapels are connected by a park named after St. Elizabeth.

On the open-air stage of the Red Chapel, cultural and musical programs await those interested throughout the summer. Of course, the view from here is also beautiful.

Hunting and Fishing

Buzsák and its surroundings are a great area for both hunting and fishing. Around 3000 hectares of forest and agricultural land, as well as a 150-hectare fishpond belong to the Cseralja Hunting Company.

This area of Somogy county is a popular hunting area for both local and foreign hunters.

White Chapel

Buzsák’s most ancient monument is the Romanesque White Chapel built in the 13th century. It used to be the parish church of the medieval settlements called Akts.

You will find this charming chapel following the Kossuth street (where our guesthouse is) towards Marcali, but when the main road turns, you follow it straight on, where the road becomes a dirt road. White Chapel is opposite the Ceria vineyards.
The chapel is about a 30-minute easy walk from Nanica Guesthouse or 5-10 min. by bike. It is worth walking around the park of the chapel, the vineyards and following the little dirt roads along the agricultural lands. We suggest making a trip and spend a nice relaxing day with a picnic.

Museum of the Traditional house (Tájház) and life of the village

The houses were built from clay, mud, straw, and wood – with almost a meter thick wall. This house is an example of this structure with thatched roof. Judging by its large land around, it must have belonged to a wealthy peasant. After the refurbishment and reconstruction of the house, it was turned into a museum, where you can see how people used to live in the 19th century.

The back room of the house which used to be the family’s living room, now hosts an exhibition of the most spectacular pieces of Buzsák’s folk art. Including local wall decorations, the beautiful embroidery, ornaments and wood carvings.
The big stable was converted into a bar with benches where you can have some refreshments.

In the garden of the Tájház, you will find a big open-air stage, where the village organises several events like folk dancing, concerts, exhibitions etc.

Roman Catholic Church

Beautiful church famous for its magnificent organ, coloured mosaic windows and of course the altar is decorated with the typical Buzsák embroidery including the priest’s ceremony robe.